1. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said.
  2. Thanks to this app for everything.
  3. All of the people. All of the lists. Secret Santa. Galentine's Day. Everything.
  4. You'll forever be the thing I love but can never explain to people.
    "What? You have friends on an app?"
  5. Follow me elsewhere, and feel free to reach out!
    I have no life. I'm pretty quick to respond.
  6. twitter.com/reelmccoytweets
  7. instagram.com/reelsarahmccoy
  8. bumpers.fm/sarahmccoy
    I'll continue talking about what i've been into lately/making lists in audio form over here
  9. podcastfromplanetweird.com
    (In case you want more DCOM related *content*)
  10. If any of you are ever in AZ, hit me up.
    And when I eventually move to LA you best believe I'll be hitting you LA peeps up!
  11. I got a couple more lists coming, I ain't done yet.
    A couple requests I want to finish before this whole thing is over.
  12. It's been fun.
  13. I'll be seeing ya!