Thank you as always for the request, @veshecco!
  1. You got out of bed at 10:30am today.
    Job hunt is going so great, you guys.
  2. You wear jeans and a tee shirt everyday.
  3. You saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets 3 times in theaters.
    It was a slow Summer.
  4. You get more likes when you Instagram a photo of a scene from a Disney Channel Movie/show than of yourself.
  5. Your favorite Beatle is George.
  6. Most of your lists are about 90s/2000s movies and shows.
  7. Your first Hit Clip was "No Strings Attached" by *NSYNC.
  8. You still bring up Hit Clips all the time.
  9. You were nominated for student of the month in junior high but never actually won.
    Thank you to @Boogie and her twitter poll for showing me I was robbed of that award.
  10. You think about what you'd wear/who you'd bring to the Emmys.
  11. As a teen, you fantasized about running into Emma Stone at your mom's work because your mom worked for her dad's company's rival company.
    Mom: want to come to work with me today? Me: Is Emma Stone gonna be there? *I don't think she even talks to her dad anymore, I was just being hopeful.
  12. You freak out whenever Brie Larson likes one of your tweets.
  13. You see Brie Larson on TV and stop everything you're doing to pay attention to her.
  14. You still have your 3D glasses from Spy Kids 3D.
    G A M E O V E R
  15. It takes you forever to find dressy things to wear for an interview or wedding because all you own are graphic tees.
  16. Your favorite Mighty Duck is Julie "The Cat" Gaffney.
  17. You freaked out the other day because Paige from Degrassi quote retweeted you.
  18. You know all the words to (almost) every song from the Chicago soundtrack.
  19. You prefer Pepsi over Coke.
  20. Your favorite Beyonce song is Love On Top.
    Followed quickly by Ring The Alarm.
  21. You think of The Proud Family episode where Penny gets a credit card when you hear "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child.
  22. You went to film school but have still never seen The Godfather.
  23. You listen to "This Kiss" by Faith Hill to feel like a little kid again.
  24. You just added Air Bud: World Pup to your Netflix list.
    That one's not even as good as the first two but hey it's still Air Bud.
  25. You watch High School Musical choreography videos on YouTube in your spare time.
    The choreography for the last two movies actually looks really difficult!
  26. You've participated in a Yu-Gi-Oh card tournament.
  27. You have more enamel pins than you know what to do with yet you continue to buy them.
  28. You had a cardboard cutout of Queen Amidala from Star Wars in your house when you were 4 years old and pretended it was your friend.
  29. You have a life-size Yoda statue chilling in your house.
    And a life-size Yoda stuffed animal!
  30. You spent the other day googling what Tie Dye Girl from The Parent Trap looks like now.
    She looks like this, is married with kids, and has a blog!
  31. You have an excel spreadsheet of every dvd you own (and which room of the house it's in) in alphabetical order.
  32. You think the Backstreet Boys are superior to *NSYNC
    🚨CONTROVERSIAL YET AGAIN 🚨They came and conquered first, and are still around (24 years!). Though I still love *NSYNC (especially JC, who I think deserves more credit!), BSB always takes first place in my heart.
  33. You'd rather have an orange soda than beer or wine.
  34. You've said the sentence "I can't the Golden Globes/Emmys/Oscars are that night."
  35. You get texts like this on a pretty regular basis.
  36. You give okay advice but don't always follow it.
  37. You have an unhealthy obsession with Kermit the Frog.
  38. You go to a party just for the free food.