This is why I don't entertain regularly
  1. The guy who always says "what can I do" while looking helpless. Just START helping, dum dum
  2. The fad diet weirdo. "I hope it's ok brought my Shakeology"
  3. On that note - the Gluten Free Person who isn't allergic to gluten. Why do we all have to eat dinner with no sauce?? Ugh
  4. Your friend who "doesn't trust babysitters." No, Mason will not just play quietly all night. He will wail in my extra bedroom for hours while we all get super drunk and annoyed and talk about you after you leave
  5. People that don't want dessert. Gee thanks. I chilled this chocolate mousse for 7 hours and you "don't like sweets." Get out of my house
  6. The pricks that bring their own super expensive liquor/wine because they are snobs and they think you are too pedestrian to have what they like on hand. And brag about it. And don't share.
  7. The chick that moans loudly when she eats something tasty. Ew. This person also is likely to repeatedly ask dreamily "what's IN this"?