thank you, @shanaz!!! (and @ChrisK)
  1. first of all, I should have made this list sooner--sorry!
  2. I recently moved to a new apartment slash the holidays happened, so things have been hectic
  3. & I LOVED the painting, so I wanted to upload a picture to show the world your talent
  4. but of course it was sent to my old place, so it's still hanging in my old room
  5. also, love love the "one line a day" book-- it's like you know I'm a writer 😉
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  6. stay tuned, world, for the epic painting reveal (probably tomorrow)
  7. and THANK YOU for the thoughtful gifts, @shanaz💗
  8. also, I'll try to make more lists as your note said! 💕
  9. happy new year🎉🍷😘