happy thanksgiving to turkeys everywhere
  1. The List App
    notice me, BJ Novak!
  2. Advil and water
    let's also be thankful I survived last night
  3. Grandma Dee's sass
    of course she called me out for being hungover at breakfast
  4. global warming
    sorry, penguins.
  5. Thanksgiving deadlines
    special thanks to my editor!
  6. red wine
    this is a family gathering, after all
  7. family
    because I'm stuck with them
  8. friends
    because they're stuck with me
  9. the fact that Kody didn't attack the other dog that crashed breakfast
    when your dog is in denial that he's a dog, it can be problematic
  10. headphones
    for when sisters are being sisters
  11. employment
    finally, escape from the pointed, "do you have a job yet?"
  12. Tom Brady
    in Brady we trust
  13. the fact that I'll be moving out soon
    it's nothing personal, Mom!
  14. The List App
    BJ, you seriously need me on your team. let's talk.