1. I shouldn't have had so much to drink
  2. I should save my phone battery in case I need it
  3. but first I should check up on every social network ever
  4. maybe I should look at my bank account balance
  5. I shouldn't ever look at my bank account balance
  6. if I fall asleep will I miss my stop?
  7. if I fall asleep I will absolutely miss my stop
  8. maybe if I just close my eyes for a second...
  9. oh good, a crying baby. that will keep me awake
  10. #blessed
  11. oh no, my phone is gonna die any minute
  12. which stop is this
  13. clear eyes, full bladder, can't lose
  14. can't wait to crawl into my bed
  15. where I inevitably won't be able to fall asleep
  16. cue the crying baby...
  17. I feel ya.