Observations. Perils. Perks.
  1. Trust in your fellow performers is paramount. You
  2. Be vulnerable. It's when the best moments happen.
  3. Don't let personal issues interfere with the music.
    Don't always like each other? You know who cares? Nobody but you. Don't let that show.
  4. Accept responsibility when you F-up.
    Don't pass the buck here, friends. It makes you look like a jerk. Be real.
  5. Be in the moment when you're onstage. Connect with your group and the audience. Everyone can tell when you're not all there.
  6. Take criticism, whether positive or negative, with grace.
    Side note: you choose how you respond to critiques. Choose to be graceful and learn from it.
  7. Share the spotlight. Sometimes you get to be the star, sometimes you are backup. Check your ego at the door.