1. Hmmm?
  2. What is this??
  3. Look, there's people. Who should I follow?
    Please disregard the poor grammar above
  4. Can I change the colors?
    I should be able to make it pink. I like pink. Or red. Red really is my favorite.
  5. Oooo, can I really tag a location?
    Followed by, "maybe I'll try that later"
  6. There was a beta? That's good.
    I like betas. They're cute. Maybe I should get a beta.
  7. Can I have fish in my apartment?
  8. Focus.
  9. Can these be private or semi-private?
    That could be fun. Possibly dirty. Complications.
  10. Who actually cares about my lists? Ha, my phone auto corrected to "lusts" which would be infinity more interesting!
  11. Oh god, this is bad.