It's the morning after the second Democratic debate, and I'm trying to decide what to have for brunch. It should both cheer and reinvigorate me, because only having a one-day weekend can be both stressful and depressing. But homemade brunch can fix that! Here are my options:
  1. Chocolate chip banana pancakes
    Having bananas in there makes these healthy, right?
  2. Classic French toast
    This gets bonus points, because I already have all the required ingredients in my kitchen, including the New Hampshire made maple syrup.
  3. Bacon cheddar spinach strata
    Chef John of just posted a video on how to make this. It looks phenomenal. Drawbacks: it's not vegetarian, and it would take a lot of effort. My hanger outweighs my desire for epic brunching today.
  4. Toast with chocolate hazelnut spread
    Just pop two slices of bread in the toaster oven and slather them with Nutella. It's actually not a bad option, but it's also what I had yesterday.
  5. Oatmeal
    All you haters out there might be saying this is not a good brunch option, but let me tell you: you're wrong. Sure oatmeal can be the plain Jane of brunch options, but if you dress it up with some brown sugar, chopped nuts, mixed fruit and side of veggie sausage (it's a thing), you've got a comforting, indulgent meal.
  6. Egg scramble with cheese and peppers
    This is what I eat nearly once a week - be it for brunch, lunch or dinner - and it never gets old. The light crunch of the pepper offsets the gooeyness of the cheese. The eggs are light, yet satisfying. Chase it down with a glass of cider or orange juice, and you've got a solid meal.
  7. TBA Bagelwich
    If all else fails, I can schlep over to Bullfrog Bagels on H Street and order up one of the greatest culinary combos known to man: turkey, bacon, avocado and sriracha mayo on a bagel. This only works on meat day. 6/7 days a week, I'm meat-free.