If you get tired and feel like crying, just remember that this is an art form and you are an artist!
  1. Never give them valid reasons to think you don't like them.
    You can think ugly, mean thoughts about them but you cannot say/act on them. It's not a good look.
  2. Ask questions
    They are probably more interesting than you think!!!
  3. The things that bother us in other people are often the things we don't like about ourselves.
    And yet another grand cliche turns out to be true. You hate yourself! Just kidding. But try to love - or feel sympathy for - the horrible person you're talking to, even just a teeny tiny bit, and you will feel better about them and you and life.
  4. Listen
    They are humans and you can learn about the ways that they too suffer on a daily basis, even if they are the kind of person who overcompensates for their suffering by obnoxiously claiming their life is perfect. EVERYONE spends 24 hours a day with themselves every single day of their life! Maybe you will have fun deciphering how this person does it.
  5. Swallow your pride & open up
    Do you hate them because they seem fake? Maybe YOU should talk about something real/honest/whatever you really want to talk about. Marc Maron said "People don't talk about real things because they don't think other people have the capacity to carry their burden but all that stuff is essentially what makes us fucking human. We're built to deal with death, disease, sickness, failure, struggle, problems. But we are too proud to reveal ourselves to each other anymore." B the change u wish 2 c!
  6. Or don't
    My therapist says that sometimes certain clawing, vampiric people can TELL when other people don't know how to navigate boundaries yet. It's okay to NOT do the horrible thing this monster is asking you to do. Don't feel guilty about it! They don't own you, you probably barely know them. It's okay to say "no"!!!!
  7. You don't have to like everyone!
    If someone tells you you do you should use this list on them. How could anyone possibly like EVERY SINGLE PERSON they ever talk to? Just be nice, practice compassion, and, no matter how excruciating you expect the moments of fleeting small talk will be, be present!!!!
  8. Make a quick exit
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Small doses! You're a busy person and time is your most precious commodity.
  9. Remember that you are an artist
    And making small talk with people you don't like is an art form