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    An epic shopping day. I was on a mad mission to find *something* (can't remember now). Bribed her with lunch to continue shopping. She was thrilled 🙄
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    The first of many Virginia college visits we started in 2015. I can't believe it's that time 😭😭
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    All of his quirks and difficulties were officially diagnosed as ASD. They are just so much a part of him we almost forgot. Through a lot of hard talks he is becoming more aware of why he is the way he is and learning to cope with and appreciate all his brain can do. Example: you DO NOT want to mess up The Game of Life 📖🔍
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    Enjoyed the beautiful spring colors in Historic Augusta Ga while on our annual spring break trip to my mom's house. When we left home, it was snowing and bleak. Arriving in GA was like technicolor Oz! 🌈
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    My birthday trip to one of many, many VA wineries we set out to visit this year. They laugh at me for my habit of exiting the photo early, but I quite like how this turned out 🍷🎉🍷🎉🍷
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    My bookclub had a rare daylight outing to a juried art show that one of us (2nd from left) had a piece in. It was v fancy and...she won second place!!! 🎟🏅yay Jen!
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    Annual Outer Banks vacation. This picture was taken on a quiet evening at Coquina Beach. The sand was the softest, the tide was in and this picture shows my three in their natural state. The girls, if separated, get along just fine & they both want to be the one caring for the boy 💓💙💓
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    Back to school and routine. He started middle school and it was/is pretty stressful. This was taken after his first experience with a therapy dog at one of his counseling appointments. I never want to forget his easy laugh and smile on this day
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    Sitting on the front porch swing soaking up what's left of summer Looking at her bare neck I can almost smell the baby she once was and how much I loved (love) any chance I could get to nuzzle in there and breathe deep. Nothing sweeter
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    Halloween and indulging in a bit of a "little kid" activity, maybe for the last time? He was finally able to be convinced that #1 Marty McFly is a cool costume and #2 no one would think he was just wearing this outfit, walking around the neighborhood for no reason!
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    I made it all the way to Nov without a softball pic? I guess this is proof that's not all we do. Waiting out a weather delay, a hallmark of fall softball.
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    Being silly is my favorite 🙃