1. Government works. That’s the most liberal thing about me. If we continue to treat government as the problem instead of the solution, we’ll never be able to harness the power to fix whatever’s broken. We need to restore American enthusiasm for our civic processes, because it’s the only government we’ve got.
    Whether or not you like the people who are running it, we have to believe in the system of government. It sucks, but it’s better than all the others.
  2. The idea of transgender-equality issues being litigated by the gay community always rubbed me the wrong way. People should be able to speak for themselves on their own terms. If what the media needs to actually talk to a transgender person is for that person to be famous, then let that be step one.
  3. All those blondes on Fox. I mean, if I worked at a place where they did not allow you to wear sleeves, could you imagine? Or where all desks had Lucite bottoms so you could show your shins. Jesus, I feel very lucky that at MSNBC they’re like, “You’re fine in the $19 blazer.”
  4. We’re a raucous, fight-it-out kind of country, and we always have been. America had a civil war. People used to beat each other to death with canes on the floor of the Senate. We had race riots.
    You get a lot of happy talk about healing and unity. That can be inspirational, but when fault lines ease, new ones always form.
  5. I like explaining things. Most of what I do is take the universe of known information and explain what’s important about it, what’s new about it and what to watch for next. I find that explanatory work very satisfying. We have this little mantra on the show: Increase the amount of useful information in the world.
  6. The gender achievement at the top in every single political representation really sucks. I mean, we’re super-psyched that we have 20 women senators. Yay, 20! Um, there are 100. I can do that math.
  7. It’s fascinating how Republicans pick their candidates. Honestly, I think the Republican Party’s voters are drunk. I’m sure they’re having a great time and they feel euphoric, but you can’t eat a ton of greasy food and not feel terrible in the morning. I mean, Ben Carson!
    ...the conservative movement since the Reagan era has been telling conservatives that government is the problem, which makes experience running government a mark on your record
  8. I’m a liberal, but the thing that interests me most in American politics is center-right to far-right politics, because (a) it’s a laugh a minute and (b) there’s no stasis. There’s no solid core moving forward. You never know who’s going to come along.