Come have a seat on the floor, keep your backpack on and settle in for the driest educational story ever written
  1. Wave to other kids walking by
    No one will notice!
  2. Raise one arm then the other repeatedly
    When a teacher finally takes notice, ask for water in a voice that is reminiscent of having just walked through the desert
  3. Put your legs through you backpack straps
    Bonus points for getting stuck
  4. Lay back and wave your legs in the air
    Not sure how this was possible considering how closely everyone was sitting to each other
  5. Play with the person's hair in front of you
    I know I used to do this as a child but now as an adult I can't stand the thought of putting my hands in other people's hair
  6. Untie and unlace your tennis shoes
    Let's just hope there's no fire drill or other event where we need to go somewhere quickly
  7. Fall asleep
    Just sitting there, asleep
  8. Put your face down inside your shirt
    Not sure why you would want to do that unless you really like the smell of your own body that much. Especially at the end of the school day
  9. Put your backpack on top of your head
    This is guaranteed not to end badly
  10. Take off your glasses and twirl them around in one hand
    Mom and dad love paying for new glasses after three months of school