Inspired by @kellydehoop
  1. Possible ways to communicate with my dog while I am away
    he's a rescue with a lot of anxiety
  2. Bushes I want to transplant
    She is constantly moving her plants around. Not the potted ones. The one growing in the ground. I don't get it. She is especially concerned with the area known as "the back corner". Oh the possibilities
  3. Best times to call my daughter when she could not possibly answer
    Then when she leaves a message there's always lots of pauses and confusion. *SHE* called me!
  4. Possible cookies to serve at my next Ladies' Luncheon
    Always looking for new possibilities. Especially interested if she can buy in bulk and freeze them
  5. decaf K-cup brands ranked
    For her little coffee station in the dining room. Only Kcups in the afternoon, hence decaf. Krispy Kreme and McDonalds are the best. Don't just wildly assume that she would enjoy regular ground coffee versions of same (for morning brewing) Decaf and regular have completely different tastes