1. "Don't tell me more"
    A response to "I might start a blog"
  2. "Please bury me"
    In reference to some older social media resurfacing, ofcourse.
  3. "In the shower I thought about how we need to make our apartment aesthetically perfect for Instagram. We need to have one good bare wall to get those dope pregame pictures and you know those jcheelin pictures"
    A great example of an art students overuse of the word "aesthetic"
  4. "Going to sleep at 12 because I have to wake up and drink two 40 ounces and eat two donuts"
    The simple life of a budding frat star
  5. "I GUESS I'll do it if we watch Halloween town at some point tn and play wine pong and flip cup... I GUESS"
    Self explanatory
  6. "I really wanna go to the south and pretend to be in a Nicholas Sparks movie"
    Doesn't everyone?
  7. "hello gals!!! who's down for a threesome tonight"
    By far one of the most questionable Also, came from the same person who wants to be in a Nicholas Sparks movie