1. "All I have to say about grocery shopping is if u don't go on Sunday, hope it's a good day"
  2. "If u dressed up in yellow I could easily mistake u for a Ticonderoga pencil"
  3. "Nana do you think I'm pretty?" "Well Sarah you're no Jennifer Lopez"
  4. "Win if u can, lose if u must, but always cheat"
  5. "It's only cheating if u get caught"
  6. "Never bring a knife to a gun fight"
  7. "If I guess ur card u have to kiss me" "you're not going to guess it, but okay" *guesses card*
  8. "Sarah do u feel the Bern?" "No." "Oh I was gonna say, if u did u should go get that checked out. Probably a uti"