Episodes and bits and characters that I love
  1. The Larry David Sandwich
  2. Richard Lewis
    All black errything
  3. Suzy, every time she is on screen
    "Four eyed Fuck"
  4. The Nanny From Hell
  5. When Larry invites the sex offender to sedar
  6. When Larry cuts the doll's hair
  7. When Larry's Chinese food is missing shrimps
  8. When Larry buys temple tickets from a scalper
  9. When Larry stabs Ben Stiller in the eye with a skewer at his birthday
  10. When the lady samples every flavor of ice cream and Larry freaks out
  11. The Carpool lane
  12. Larry's car/cellphone/shoes/socks
  13. Palestinian chicken = Zankou chicken
  14. When Larry answers the phone during sex
  15. When Michael J. Fox gave Larry a soda
  16. Leon and his glasses
  17. Funkhouser's voice
  18. Lunching everyday with Jeff