I worked at ELLE full time for 5 years from 2009-2014. Some of the best times of my life, ever. Here are some of my favorite covers I assisted joe on and/or styled myself
  1. JLO
    my first cover assisting Joe. In la. I put the Gucci dress on backwards by accident; Frida, the designer of Gucci at the time, wrote a note to Joe and seemed to not have a problem with it
  2. Taylor Swift (the first time)
    When @jujujerni came to NYC for 24 hrs, brought baby animals, and missed her flight the next day
  3. Lady Gaga
    Was during the time where she wore THE MOST crazy stuff, so we all scrambled and panicked about the racks. She wore a victor & Rolf look for one picture that I forgot to steam, but everyone said they liked it that way
  4. Julia Roberts
    We shot her 3x (eat, pray, love) and had a wild ride thru the whole process and press tour. Because of this, I went to Japan and stayed at l'auberge du soleil.
  5. Any cover we shot in London...
    Natalie Portman/gwyneth/Rita Ora/lorde. Bc Of the Covent garden hotel beds and restaurant of course
  6. Jessica Biel
    Me and @mwepper had the best time in Paris. Will always remember this time as special. And filled with the Katy Perry doc
  7. Victoria's Secret angels in Miami
    Four rotating covers/ so much vintage Chanel jewelry
  8. Barbara Streisand
    Because QUEEN. Also we got to spend the day at her compound in Malibu @mwepper
  9. Penelope Cruz
    Styled by me in Madrid one week before she gave birth. Knits & jewels. She is so beautiful in person!!!
  10. Jessica Simpson
    Bc she was naked and 9 mo pregnant
  11. Katy Perry (the first time)
    We had a camel and a vintage circus was built
  12. Britney Spears
    Bc Joe told me i would need a drug test just to be on set. Never Happened!!