Seems to be something people want to do more of. Here's my method...
  1. Guzzle as much water as you possibly can bear as soon as you wake up
    20 oz is good, more is better
  2. Keep a water bottle with you, preferably reusable all day
  3. Sparkling water counts as water - I try to drink this exclusively except for first thing in the morning
  4. At meals take a sip btw each bite or so
  5. Whenever you think of it, guzzle more water
  6. Note nice public bathrooms in your area to aid in increased water consumption
    See other lists
  7. When drinking booze always have a side car of flat or sparkling
  8. Add lemon or lime!
  9. Or go further, make "spa" water with other things like cucumber and mint
  10. Use pee color as your guide
  11. This list is boring but I def drink 60+ oz per day and it makes me feel better