Quick n dirty:
  1. @RachelP - you share so much! It's really amazing. Plus Disney and sick nail art that I could never do
  2. @carey - I love your observations!! Bigg chill & so many books!! I need all of your recommendations. What are your essays about?
  3. @bobbyhundreds - your take on the world and pop culture and people and places and things is really cool. I love how you consume and share here. Plus do we get to pre order back to the future stuff?
  4. @AlexandraLouise - I love your doctor lists as much as your lists about quirks. Should I be vegan?
  5. @olive - you are so funny and I literally feel 20 again reading your lists (I'm 31 😑)
  6. @john - a peek into your brain is really nice
  7. @gabimoskowitz - best quick and manageable food advice, recipes and tips. I love your style. What color le creuset should I get?
  8. @InaGarten - keep them coming!! You have so many fans here
  9. @hillarykerr - so much info it's like Yelp but eternally better because I know you. I reference Your lists constantly
  10. @jujujerni thank you for Egypt and my bday list and your perspective always
  11. @tothemaxxx - you were great in heavyweights plus your vegan Thai date list is one of my top 10 😊
  12. @Bourdain - more please!
  13. Lots more of you on here that I ❤️. thanks @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas @sophia... It goes without saying that I love reading your lists!