1. Braved whole foods
  2. Made breakfast tacos with the works!
    Yogurt subbed for sour cream does the trick
  3. Partially hung a weaving on a dowel in hopes that it will find its way to the wall
    Maybe next wk
  4. Watched Chefs table on netflix
    Very enjoyable
  5. Read articles about Floyd Mayweather, and am even more fascinated with him with each piece of new info I get
  6. Read article about New Yorkers moving to LA in the times
  7. Closed out a job I've been lazy about from 2 wks ago
    Little victories
  8. Made a pile of laundry to fold
    Unfolded, still
  9. Read a little bit more of Gabrielle Hamilton's memoir
    Craved a bloody from Prune during
  10. Talked to my best friend in NJ for 30 min
  11. Gave 100s of kisses to my kittens and a few to boyfriend too