Not an super negative person by any means BUT 🎶 that's that shit I don't like 🎶
  1. Raw onions
  2. Voicemails
  3. Mean people
  4. Spam the food and the email
  5. Having to pee real bad in the car or movie theater
  6. Tripping in public and someone sees you
  7. LA cabs
  8. People who don't understand airport security methods
  9. Tax time
  10. Tight pants
  11. Tight socks
  12. Stepping in gum in brand new boots
  13. Hangovers when you are over 30
  14. Needing cash when you have none
  15. Forgetting my headphones for the plane
  16. Having to get manicures and pedicures to feel normal
  17. Inconsiderate drivers
  18. Pop music these days
  19. Not having a washer/dryer en suite
  20. Sunday blues