Have these things and life is easier.
  1. Black blazer / Le Smoking
    Goes day to night, goes with everything!! Any bottom and any top pretty much. Crucial #thirdpiece
  2. JEANS
    Denim is life to me. But do you - Skinny is good but a bootleg can work too. I need baggy and boyfriend and ripped to feel normal
  3. Cropped black pant in a luxe fabric
    Tailored to hit the sweet spot on your ankle, can make a suit with #1
  4. Blouse
    One crisp in pure white, one more silky in cream or blush
  5. Black leather jacket
    Saint Laurent makes the most perfect. Shott also makes excellent perfectos. Also Iro and Laer
  6. Trench coat
    Get inspired by Burberry
  7. Lightweight Army jacket
    Vintage is best. Perfect green to add a bit of color
  8. Perfect T-shirt
    Alexander Wang, James Perse, Zara, Madewell are some of my favorites
  9. Denim shirt
    To make a Texas tuxedo with jeans or to put under the suit. Or whenever. Acne rules but also Zara, gap, current Elliot, 3x1, even LOFT
  10. Pencil skirt
    Black, navy. Leather is major for this shape
  11. Sweatshirt
    BONUS! I am obsessed with sweatshirts both crew and hooded, fitted and oversized