Just a few...
  1. Rumours // Fleetwood Mac
    Made me appreciate the truth behind songwriting. Genius album with so much effort put it into it. The product of the power of music despite whatever problems you could have going on
  2. The 1975 (self titled)
    Beautiful music that makes me feel things. So much emotion and story behind each song. They really care about their work and they treated it as art, and that inspired me
  3. Leap Year // Hoodie Allen
    Very good. Didn't necessarily impact my life but one of my favorite albums that added to my diverse music taste. Certainly a stepping stone for my maturing taste
  4. Night Visions // Imagine Dragons
    Changed me so much as a person. I am 100% a different person compared to before I knew every song on this album like the back of my hand. Their music is meaningful, it tells stories of heartaches and change and happiness. Nothing will ever compare to this album. It's incredible and each song has a different special meaning and memory to me
  5. We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. // Jason Mraz
    A very feel good album. One of those artists that has such a good story. I loved watching this special he had on VH1 (or something.. i can't remember) and just hearing him talk about his life and his music. Amazing person and even better musician
  6. Bangerz // Miley Cyrus
    Not necessarily a lyrical genius, but this album was important for her career. It represented a time in her life where she was changing the type of person she wanted to be seen as. This album inspired me to grow up and feel comfortable in my own skin and sexuality
  7. Days In The City (EP) // Only Real
    A very unknown singer but one that makes me very happy. His music is art and it's so important to him. Sometimes the words are gibberish but it is still beautiful and the way his career is slowly progressing is impressive and inspiring to me