1. Saturday Night Live
    I wouldn't be the person I am today without this show. I grew up intently watching every week and it has inspired me to do the things they do. In a few years I am most likely going to school for tv production in hopes I will get to create something amazingly creative like that one day. Started as my dad's favorite show since he was a kid and now it's mine too.
  2. The Brady Bunch
    I'm glad I watched all kinds of different shows growing up. I learned about different times and basic values. Just a classic show with good lessons. I remember all the episodes so well even if I make fun of them now.
  3. Friends
    One of the most classic sitcoms ever. Introduced me to incredible actors and actresses that i now recognize in dozens of other shows and movies. I also learned a lot from this show and it was interesting to see average people play out these situations. Hilarious and so well crafted. I wish the show never ended.
  4. Glee
    Glad I watched this show with my mom. If truly changed my life. Introduced me to different types of people. So much diversity and representation on that show. It did so much in the short time it was on. I also expanded my music taste by watching glee and I'm so happy for that. Absolutely amazing.
  5. Big Brother
    My all time favorite show. Such a cool social experiment to see play out each summer. I have learned so much about the ways of the game it's crazy. I'm so happy I've been watching this show since a young age
  6. Saved By the Bell
    Ah Saturday mornings. Very funny classic teen show. I probably didn't understand most of the jokes growing up but that's okay. I remember so much of the show.