It might be impossible to be original at all anymore but it's fine (thank you nathan!)
  1. There are actually people in the world that don't think less of teens just because they're teens!
  2. There are people across the country who are absolutely incredible that I could be great friends with; I just have to find them.
    Did I use the semicolon right?
  3. People here will like actually care about whatever shitty thing is going on in your life. Like when I posted about how 2017 has been hell for me, way too many people commented with extremely nice comments
    It was so niceeeee
  4. Some people are extremely GIFted (hahaha I'm great) with using GIFs in li.sts. I am not.
  5. Having your work (however trivial) honored is very rewarding.
    RIP trending!
  6. Writing is cool and I should do it more
    But I kind of hate it??
  7. Even though I didn't qualify to participate in Secret Santa, watching the lists come out of people receiving their packages was the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit
    Like seriously I enjoyed secret santa season so much
  8. Galentine's day should be celebrated nationwide
    Again, watching those lists was so fun
  9. Other people read so much more than me
    It's fine but like... intimidating
  10. Connecting to people over shared interests on the internet is so much better than most connections I have ever made at school
    I have maybe 5 real life friends