Maybe it's too late for me to do this but that's ok
  1. My name is Sarah
    I complain when people spell it without the H even though I know it's annoying!
  2. I live in a smallish town in North Carolina
    It's pretty photogenic, but also kind of boring and definitely not where I want to live forever.
  3. I'm 15
    I'm currently a sophomore in high school, soon-to-be junior.
  4. I am a dog person, but I enjoy cats too
    (I guess I'm open-minded as hell -Jean Ralphio) Also this is one of my dogs!
  5. I like all the shows that listers like, such as Parks and Rec and the Office
  6. I play the violin and I have taught myself some songs on the piano.
    I'm not that good but it's pretty fun!
  7. I love to travel but airports make me nervous
    Not even airplanes just airports...?
  8. I like crossword puzzles more than the average teenage girl, I guess
    I enjoy this about myself, it makes me feel ~quirky~.
  9. My favorite books are The Book Thief and the Harry Potter series
    Are these stereotypical favorite books? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. I'm very introverted and I enjoy alone time
    Which is when I do crossword puzzles or listen to music (probably Hamilton, sorry!) or read!
  11. I identify strongly with Hermione Granger
    The know-it-all type that nags her friends for not doing their homework😁
  12. This is way too long I'm sorry bye!