Now that I've had a week of school, I've decided that this year I can be a much better version of myself than I have been the past 3 years.
  1. I won't stay up late to finish homework if I can avoid it
    I won't procrastinate starting my homework when I get home. And if I can't focus on doing my homework, I'll go to Starbucks or something, put my phone on do not disturb, and blast my study music until I'm done
  2. I will try to do assignments as soon as possible so I'm not freaking out about deadlines as much
    I think I can do this this year. I try every year and I always fail but I have faith.
  3. I will eat a healthy lunch as often as possible
    I ate so badly last year and it made me miserable. I need a good lunch every day this year
  4. I will drink enough water every day. Especially in the morning
    If I get dehydrated I turn into an achy, nauseous, bitchy monster. That's an exaggeration, but I do get bad headaches that can lead to nausea and that makes me unpleasant to be around.
  5. I will speak up in class
    I have this thing where even if I know an answer to a question the teacher asks, I don't raise my hand. Even thinking about raising my hand in class makes my heart race. But I need to do it anyway.
  6. I will continue to use my planner all year
    I have started out on the right track with my planner and it's so much easier to get stuff done when you write a list and physically cross items off. It gives you that boost of like "okay I'm getting through this"
  7. I will get an A in calculus
    I need to do this. This is the only class that I think could ruin my 4.0 and I need that to not happen
  8. I will get something out of every book we read in AP Lit
    I'm so excited for this class. I think it'll be really good to read books for the purpose of analyzing them.
  9. I will remember to appreciate my parents and my twin this year because this is my last year of living with them full time
    *cue internal screaming*
  10. I will be nice to people, even if it's really really hard!
    I already failed at this this year but it's because they were mean to my friend first so who cares. I'm loyal before I'm nice.