I guess I have a type
  1. John Krasinski/Jim Halpert
    Pretty obvious if yo@u've watched the Office, but I included both the character and the actor because John Krasinski is such a good person and his Twitter Q&As make my week
  2. Daveed Diggs
    Oops. He was Lafayette and Jefferson in Hamilton. Did you know that he went to Brown for track? He's literally the total package and I'm so mad about it
  3. John Mulaney
    I love his stand up SO much like he's actually hilarious. Plus he has a French bulldog (and a wife but that's beside the point). He just retweeted this on Twitter
  4. Ben Wyatt
    He's just like me. Especially when he first shows up in the show (parks and rec in case you have deprived yourself of the joy of this show) because he's the boring, mean loner. But also he's so good to Leslie and I'm crying just thinking about it
  5. Hasan Minhaj
    He's on the Daily Show and I think he's so funny and so attractive and so smart
  6. Bo Burnham
    OHMYGOD Bo Burnham I love him so much and it's 100% because of his stand up. But also he has really funny vines that just make my heart happy
  7. Aaron Rodgers
    I can't explain this very well but he was on Jeopardy and he was like pretty god damn smart and I am very into that
  8. Matthew Gray Gubler
    Also very funny and very good on criminal minds! His social media accounts are A1
  9. Seth Meyers
    The chapter he wrote in Amy Poehler's Yes Please was so good and it definitely makes me cry every time. He's so funny and so smart also so much taller than I expected him to be. He's 6 feet tall!
  10. Chris Hemsworth
    This one is more run-of-the-mill but he got very high praise from the Ghostbusters ladies so I'm pretty sure I'd be impressed by him