And it is perfectly ~on brand~ for me
  1. In honor of my listaversary which was supposed to be like the 8th or something I'm going to tell you stuff about me that I haven't already mentioned on this app before
  2. I have a twin brother
    I think some of you may know this but I don't think I've mentioned this in a list. His name is Kevin and he's pretty cool. Having a twin really isn't that special except sometimes we have the same homework.
  3. My mom has had cancer twice
    Lung cancer when I was 6 and ovarian cancer when I was 13. She beat it both times. She did have a lung taken out and a hysterectomy so she's kinda been through it. I'm really proud of her and I appreciate her so much.
  4. I have a really fast heart rate
    Just a fun fact. Nurses always take my heart rate twice because they think I'm nervous the first time but no I'm just abnormal!!
  5. People at school have said that I have a resting bitch face or even that I am just a straight up bitch
    I don't mind it tbh it's funny
  6. I want to study biology in college
    I'm really interested in genetics and biomedical research relating to genetics and I hope I get to do that kind of stuff one day
  7. I want to go up north for college
    For example I'm interested in Northeastern (or basically any college in Boston I am not picky), NYU, and UVA