(Thanks @kiraandlulu for the nice list request!) My best friend is my older sister and that sounds sad but it's not! I also have friends at school but it makes me feel weird to call them my best friends :/
  1. Her name is Stephanie
    I call her Steph
  2. She's currently 20 and I'm 16
  3. We weren't crazy close growing up, but we shared a room and I looked up to her, of course
  4. She has introduced me to things that I ended up being obsessed with, like one direction, parks and rec, lemonade(the album not the drink), etc.
    I finally paid her back for this by making her listen to Hamilton, which she is now obsessed with
  5. We're basically the same person except for the 4.5 year age difference and our hair colors
    She's the brunette with the beautiful face and I'm the blonde next to her
  6. She wrote this for my birthday yesterday and I love it
    We have so many fans
  7. I wrote this for her bday back in December
    Again, with the fans
  8. I am my true self when I'm around her
    It's like she's an extension of myself
  9. I miss her so much
    She's 6 hours away at college and she rarely comes home because she always has swim practice :(
  10. So that's my best friend, if you want to hear about my other friends, just let me know!