I've had this in my drafts for a while and I just feel like posting it
  1. When a teacher or someone I don't know very well knows my name before I expect them to
    Like my history teacher who is awesome but has a lot of trouble remembering names knows my name now and it boosts my mood a ridiculously large amount (I'm a quiet person so I tend to feel invisible/forgettable)
  2. Getting a good grade on something I thought I did badly on
    I mean everyone loves this but I love it so much because I put so much emphasis on my grades and I NEED straight As
  3. When people know and reference Hamilton
    My history teacher again! He's so great. Also other people though, like the guy I mentioned in this list: WHEN BOYS ARE DISAPPOINTING He put on Hamilton when he drove me to swim practice one day and we sang along together 😭
  4. Getting new books
    I love buying books. I would spend my life savings on books. I tweeted this; isn't it clear that I'm a book nerd?
  5. Videos of calligraphy and cookie decorating (w/ royal icing)
    HONESTLY I'm addicted. I'm pretty sure it's not healthy.
  6. Learning a new skill
    I looked up how to do fake calligraphy and it's so easy and it looks so beautiful 😭 It made me so happy. I also love learning new songs on the piano!
  7. When people have read and liked pride and prejudice
    It's so good and it deserves relevancy and praise