Thanks for the request and I'm sorry it took so long and that I changed the prompt a little! I can't just choose one!
  1. Jane Austen
    I shouldn't say she's a favorite yet since I've only read Pride and Prejudice but I LOVED Pride and prejudice and I can't wait to read her other books so yeah.
  2. Markus Zusak
    The Book Thief. I'm pretty sure we all love it. No need to explain.
  3. JK Rowling
    Also very obvious. The Harry Potter world is so important to me and I literally have one person to thank for it and it's my girl JK
  4. Ray Bradbury
    He wrote Fahrenheit 451 which of course is great but he also wrote The Martian Chronicles which kind of symbolizes the destruction that goes along with humankind and its development and it's really cool!
  5. Pending: Kurt Vonnegut
    I'm going to have to read another book to decide but Slaughterhouse-Five was really impressive and funny and meaningful and I bet his other books will be just as good.