Thanks for the request! I love this John Williams lovefest
  1. My favorite John Williams scores are definitely the Star Wars scores
  2. I admire how, with music, he creates feelings of triumph, foreboding, serenity, etc
  3. I listen to the main theme and I feel powerful and proud
  4. I listen to the imperial march and I feel powerful again but in a more sinister way
  5. This music doesn't have words but it holds so much meaning!
  6. I just love music and I feel like movie scores are the purest music pieces ever. They need to create extremely powerful emotional responses and they seriously deliver.
    Thus, John Williams is, in my opinion, one of the best musicians alive!
  7. (PS Star Wars music is the BEST music to study to. It focuses me like no other)
    This is kinda awkward to add after that whole thing but this is a main point of why I love Star Wars music so much