Ugh I forgot about this request Boogie I'm so sorry
  1. Background: my co-hosts for the podcast are Seth Meyers, John Mulaney, and Amy Poehler
  2. Topic: each episode starts out with discussing current issues in US politics relatively seriously and with very good points being made, then devolves into a discussion about stupid things with hilarity being passed back and forth between the comedians.
  3. Episode 1: November 9, 2016
    Discussing the election. At the beginning, Amy and I list our concerns about being women in this time and John and Seth listen on and joke about how they are white men and then we end up discussing how Ted Cruz's daughter loves butter and hates her father.
  4. Episode 2: January 20something, 2016
    (I can't remember what day inauguration was, I didn't acknowledge it) So we obviously begin with talking about the inauguration and trying to see if we can guess what he will do in his first 100 days. Then, the conversation turns into a game of "how much does Melania hate her life based on this screenshot of the televised inauguration?"
  5. I think I can only do two episodes rn but I have to publish! So here this is! Also I can't come up with titles so if you have any suggestions, please let them be known!