Inspired by @juliareese
  1. August 1
    Successfully made an appointment for myself to meet with a school counselor. Also, had pizza for dinner
  2. August 2
    Ate a really awesome quesadilla for dinner
  3. August 3
    I fixed my schedule for my junior year of high school and drank a smoothie
  4. August 4
    Caught up with an old friend who just spent a month in Germany
  5. August 5
    Watched the ENTIRE opening ceremony for the 2016 Olympics
  6. August 6
    Arrived in New York (Long Island) to visit family and friends
  7. August 7
    Watched my sister's friend's boyfriend Ryan Held win a gold medal at the Olympics alongside Michael Phelps?? Also hung out with a ton of family members
  8. August 8
    Went to a Long Island beach with cousins and siblings
  9. August 9
    I'm doing this belatedly so I honestly can't remember one for this day oops
  10. August 10
    This is a big one. I took a train to New York City with my sister to go to the ham4ham show and try to win Hamilton tickets! I did not win but I got to see Rory o'Malley and listen to Cynthia Erivo sing Sandcastles by Beyoncé 😭. We also went to Rockefeller plaza which was perfect.
  11. August 11
    Went to the 9/11 museum in NYC and saw the new World Trade Center ❤️ It was so heartbreaking and beautiful. Also went to dinner with family friends and had a fantastic chicken pot pie
  12. August 12
    Went to a Mets game. They played the Padres and lost but there was an incredible sunset!
  13. August 13
    Saw some more cousins who ended up getting quite drunk. Drunk people can be very entertaining
  14. August 14
    Got home from New York and saw my dogs again :,)
  15. August 15
    Had an awesome dinner at a Panamanian restaurant in my town. I ate ceviche and empanadas (pictured) and a churro donut hole thing.
  16. August 16
    Painted my nails kind of successfully and got dressed up for no reason.
  17. August 17
    Watched the sunset/moonrise at the beach
  18. August 18
    Watched Usain Bolt win the 200m and Ashton Eaton win the decathlon. (This isn't a very personal one but I didn't do much all day)
  19. August 19
    Visited my brother at college and had a great dinner. Also I dressed like I had no idea how to clothe myself and enjoyed it very much
  20. August 20
    Saw my sister at college 💕 (she's my favorite person) and then went to my great aunt and uncle's house. They're awesome people! I, a 15 year old girl, connected with my 70ish year old great aunt over Hamilton! The things this musical can do.
  21. August 21
    Had waffles. Parents said they were going to get me a new phone
  22. August 22
    Watched Donald Glover's comedy special and both of John Mulaney's.
  23. August 23
    My friend who can drive (I cannot drive) got me Chick Fil A and then we went to a park at like 9pm
  24. August 24
    Went out to dinner with my friends for my birthday! One of them gave me a really nice scrapbook and another gave me Cursed Child! I love them
  25. August 25
    Walked a really old and cute beagle for a neighbor and cuddled with my own dogs
  26. August 26
    Finished Cursed Child... If anyone has read it please let me know because I need to talk about it with someone
  27. August 27
    Watched the sunrise at the beach and later escaped an escape room
  28. August 28
    Celebrated my birthday with my family and some neighbors
  29. August 29
    It was my 16th birthday and also my first day of junior year! It always feels weird to be a new age
  30. August 30
    Finally played a couple songs in orchestra class! Also got a burrito from my favorite Mexican place
  31. August 31
    Ate chocolate chip cookies while wearing a shirt with chocolate chip cookies on it