I love Wilmington, NC but I also hate it.
  1. Pro: The beach is a short drive away
    I can be at my favorite beach ever in 10-15 minutes
  2. Con: The beach is a short drive away
    Living so close to the beach my whole life means that I don't appreciate it as much as I should 😕
  3. Pro: Cute little downtown area
    Downtown Wilmington has a lot of cute shops and restaurants/bars. Also, downtown has historic landmarks that are interesting to see/tour (pic: cute piece from a shop downtown)
  4. Con: Gets super hot in the summer
    I hate the heat (even though I'm a summer baby) and the temperature is usually in the 90s during the summer and can get up to the 100s.
  5. Pro: Can be in Raleigh in about 2 hours, Charlotte in about 3.5, and Asheville in about 5.5.
    North Carolina overall has a lot to offer, and where I live I'm not too far from it.
  6. Con: Crazy traffic + bad drivers
    Seriously, we had family visit from Long Island and comment on the traffic and drivers here.
  7. Pro: Southern Charm
    Good southern food, nice old ladies, and good manners
  8. Con: Southern Bigotry
    Confederate flags are everywhere and we have a homophobic/transphobic governor. Oh my god, and the gun lovers! I hate it so much!
  9. I'm probably going to think of more but that's all for now!