I'm sorry, you guys deserve better than me complaining to you but I peaked on li.st months ago so it's only going to get worse.
  1. My room is/was infested with ladybugs
    I only ever heard of houses being infested with ladybugs in the mountains, but I live on the coast of NC! I have never liked ladybugs and I am convinced that they are specifically targeting me. I have ample evidence for this, let me know if you want to hear it (by the way I wrote is/was because I haven't seen one in a while, so hopefully it's over??)
  2. I need to get my license
    Driving scares me more than most things but I know I need to get my license just to be independent and get a job next summer
  3. I'm technically a part of three different orchestras
    With 3 different groups of pieces I have to learn. Why did I sign up for this
  4. I am taking the PSAT/NMSQT soon
    When you take it as a junior, it means that you can qualify for a scholarship, so there's kind of a lot riding on this
  5. School work
    I'm in 6 classes, 3 of them AP, 1 IB, and 2 honors, so I have a lot on my plate ha.. ha
  6. The li.st update
    Idk I might get used to it but I'm really going to miss the old The List App
  7. My school swim season is starting
    Which only adds more to the massive amount of things I have to do
  8. There's a possibility that despite all of my hard work and stress, I won't be good enough for my ideal colleges
    I think I have an inferiority complex if that's a thing because I constantly feel like I'm not enough (Eliza Hamilton vibes).
  9. My problems probably seem so small to you guys and I'm sorry
    I kinda had to get this out; this is the closest thing I have to a diary.