1. Radio City Music Hall, which will always look perfect in pictures.
  2. Look how cute this sea urchin is!! It puts other spherical items with spikes sticking out of them to shame!
  3. Nice picture of the sky, I love clouds.
  4. Sunset at a high school football game (I admit I was more interested in the sky than the game until the sun went down)
  5. Sunrise on Wrightsville beach, NC
  6. Boston Common, aka the place I would like to have my ashes spread.
  7. Picture of the sky from a rooftop deck in Boston. I miss Boston so much.
  8. Sunset in Wrightsville beach (I swear the sunrises and sunsets look better from here than from my house)
  9. I saw this dandelion while walking in my neighborhood and I thought it was beautiful and perfect so I took a picture of it.
  10. Santa Monica pier, classic and sunny
  11. Lastly, another sunset in Wrightsville beach, how repetitive of me!