It is 5:54 pm and I still don't know what's going on
  1. So ya know how I wrote this list basically all about how I'm envious of the people in my life getting Hamilton tickets??
  2. Yeah I got Hamilton tickets for Christmas today.
    ??!?!!?!?!!?! ⬅️ my emotions about this
  3. My mom who is amazing and perfect and whom I do not deserve bought them for me and my sister for September next year 😭
    My sister and I burst into tears and could not get ourselves together to save our lives
  4. I feel so grateful and I am over the moon. I can't wait to experience the magic of the show
  5. Anyways I knew I had to tell all of you about this because you all have literally been a part of my life as long as Hamilton has and you have seen me obsess about it for months.
  6. Thank you for always indulging me and making me feel at home 💕💕💕
  7. Merry Christmas!!
    And happy holidays!!!