🔥spoilers, probably 🔥 thanks @angela3950 with your LR I was able to reconsider some of my reactionary thoughts about the show. It was so complex!
  1. First, I watched the whole season in less than 24 hours and I loved it. I thought it was sweet, insightful, smart, funny.
    Each character was so well developed, with real intricacies and flaws, and super endearing qualities.
  2. Just a couple things rubbed me the wrong way.
  3. My first impression of Julia rubbed me the wrong way. From a therapist perspective, it seems super unethical for a therapist to ask her clients to sign up to donate their brains to research! It's an abuse of the therapeutic relationship and the power imbalance. I can't recall if Sam is 17 or 18 but if he's 17, it's definitely a no-no!
    Julia grew on me and I empathized with her struggles, being a young therapist and being expected to have your own shit together is hard and not really realistic! Girl needed to get some supervision asap though. Saying out loud that you worry about crossing boundaries doesn't make it ok 😂
  4. Sam's mother's affair was UGH. The show did a pretty good job of explaining why she did it, and I got all that, but I still found it UGH. Also, i obviously don't know what she has gone through being mother to a son with autism, but aside from all that, she is an incredibly difficult person, sometimes very thoughtless.
    I totally understand Casey's animosity towards her mom throughout the season. Maybe it's my own shit lol but I had a hard time empathizing with her. I also understand that she has been Sam's protector and that was hard to let go of, but I cringed so hard when she suggested Casey shouldn't go away to school.
  5. I grew increasingly incredulous that she was "getting away with" the affair, and after the end of the last episode I'm anxious to see how it all unfolds.
  6. That's it!
  7. I highly recommend watching the show if you haven't.