At An Antique Store I Look For....

Inspired by @steph_lessthan3 (edit: photos are not mine, unfortch)
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    Cheap furniture I can refinish
    Fun hobby, sometimes a moneymaker!
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    I nerd out for maps 🤓
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    Glass jars with seals
    For storing grains etc in at home
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    To read or just to use as decor
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    Aaaand there's more but that was my attention span for now, so, yeah!
    Slowly acclimating to this no drafts thing.
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    Woven baskets and trays
    I love this aesthetic for organizing— dog toys in the living room, bubble bath supplies and candles in the bathroom, jewelry on the dresser, tv remotes on the coffee table, items on my nightstand—everything looks more tidy and intentional in a pretty basket or tray!
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    Quimper ("cam-pear") pottery, from France 🇫🇷
    My grandmother, who lived in France for a while (as did my parents, later) loves this plate ware and collects it. I think it would be awesome to have a few pieces. I have yet to find any that looks legit and is in good condition.