Guys I did it!
  1. ✔️One dinner each week from a new recipe from an actual cookbook, of which I have plenty that are fantastic but gathering dust. I want to build my repertoire in the kitchen 👩🏽‍🍳🥒🍤🥘
    I also just bought a crock pot that I'm so excited for. If anyone has (healthy!) crock pot recipes to share, please do!!
  2. ✔️More yoga 💪🏽🙆🏽🐈🐄🌞🏔🐇🌲
    I'm creating a little yoga space at my new apartment that will hopefully be inviting and inspire me to practice at home a few times a week. Shoutout to Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube for keeping my practice going! I also now live walking distance from my favorite yoga studio, so that's a blessing.
  3. ✔️✔️Finish building the massive bookcase that my boyfriend and I are making, so I can spend a whole afternoon organizing my books and trinkets (and some of my boyfriend's things too I guess) in rainbow order.
    Picture to follow.
  4. ✔️✔️✔️Use my gym membership.
    It's only $10/month, but come on, Sarah. It's not that hard to show up at least once a week. 🙄