Inspired by @amieshmamie 😢my last food list!!
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    Breakfast: forgot to photograph, sorry! This picture pretty well encapsulates the Honey Nut Cheerios I had with almond milk and a sliced banana.
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    Snack: 1 Luna bar, 1 apple
    Yes I know Luna bars are candy in disguise. This is my current fave candy bar, then. 🙄 (@amieshmamie SCAM!)
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    Pre-lunch bev
    Spiced chai because today is a Wednesday that feels like a Friday.
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    Lunch: grocery store sushi
    Ok to be fair it's a health food store and I totally trust this sushi. Lunch was a drama today. I didn't bring my prepped lunch from home because my coworker had offered to pick up sushi, since she owed me lunch. Then she got pulled into a crisis at work and couldn't communicate with me until later. She was also supposed to meet me at the car shop where I had dropped my car, and bring me back to work. I waited. We were late to our staff meeting. I ate during the meeting. I'm fine. It's fine.
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    Dinner: beef and veggies over couscous.
    No pic because I was taking a break from my phone. The best part of this meal was that it was made by my loving boyfriend, and ready when I finished my post-work yoga with my cat.
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    Wait also, when is list actually dying?? At midnight on Friday? 9am? In a flash, or slowly and painfully? I haven't saved any of my lists yet. It's overwhelming to scroll through them and decide which ones I'll want to see later.
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    I'm just saying ...
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    Dessert: cookies and cream