The perfect rainy Monday outfit: a how-to
  1. Guys
  2. I am lying in bed, ready for sleep, in the EXACT same outfit I wore to work today (ok minus accessories). It worked 100% at the office, and it's working now.
  3. Shall I elaborate?
  4. One flannel shirt dress, belted (thin leather belt not pictured)
  5. One pair opaque black leggings
  6. Fancy/cozy knit socks
    Yes, cold weather is a big factor of this outfit choice.
  7. Ankle boots
  8. Dress it up with a perfect scarf
  9. Red lip tint
  10. And some glittery studs
  11. Pro tip - ditch the bra and wear a tank with a shelf bra instead
    Because who the fuck needs underwire on a rainy Monday?? Nobody, that's who.
  12. For those of you thinking, "Flannel/plaid will never fly at my office, it's way too casual! Sob!" Simply trade the flannel for a loose, over the hips, cozy/chic sweater
  13. Like this one:
  14. Or this one
  15. These...
  16. Ok now I'm just fawning over sweaters
    Key word: COZY.
  17. My point is, yes, you CAN go to work in your pajamas. I did it once, and I'll do it again.
  18. PS: Dear HR, the thing says no jeans but it says nothing about leggings! Nada. Zilch. 😘