Cheer Me Up

Inspired by @finny_in_space
  1. Hey Sarah, want a grilled cheese sandwich?
  2. Hey Sarah, social work has been RECOGNIZED and your salary just doubled!
  3. Hey Sarah, I drew you a bubble bath with lavender oil
  4. Hey Sarah, your curls are amazing!
  5. Hey Sarah, yes your health insurance still covers 100% of birth control including IUDs!
  6. Hey Sarah, remember dark chocolate is good for you
  7. Hey Sarah, hold this kitten
  8. Hey Sarah, hold this puppy
  9. Hey Sarah, hold this pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream
  10. Hey Sarah, you don't have to fill out your own insurance authorizations at work anymore, we will do it for you from now on
  11. Hey Sarah, wanna exhibit some photos?
  12. Hey Sarah, you can use this darkroom for free and there are no time limits.
  13. Hey Sarah, there's a new book club in town and it's perfect for you!
  14. Hey Sarah, wake up, the election? Just a bad dream. Wanna get brunch?
  15. Hey Sarah, here's a free duvet cover and it's 100% organic cotton
    Someone explain to me why these things are so freaking expensive. It's two sheets sewn together. Come on.
  16. Hey Sarah, today's gonna be a snow day!
  17. Hey Sarah, here are two plane tickets to Havana, Cuba