Halloween Costumes Past

Inspired by @SassyGracie 🎃 Grouped by stages of life because um idk how old I was, ok?
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    Ladybug 🐞
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    Elementary/middle school
    Witch, cat 🐱 fairy ✨box of ritz crackers (what??), hippie, cowgirl
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    High school
    Cute devil (ugh high school), that is all I can remember??
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    Don't even know!! I think I did devil again, probably sexy devil (ugh college)
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    Van Gogh's Starry Night. I was actually pretty proud of this one, I painted a dress and my bf went as the painter.
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    Moral(s) of the story: 1. I have a terrible memory (and currently no access to old photo albums). 2. Props to my parents for making, or making ME make, my own costumes every. freaking. year. 3. This is further proof (@christine14932 ) that I am over Halloween!
    Yes I made my own costumes every year as a kid, and I enjoyed doing it, but I can't remember the half of them!
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    This year I am going as a lady in her pajamas opening the door for children and giving them candy 🍭