Great request!!
  1. Talk louder than them?
  2. Interrupt constantly?
  3. Frequent reminders of how rich you are?
  4. Weird, glowy skin and impossible hair, so people can't look away?
  5. Look bigger by demeaning other human beings?
  6. Giphy
  7. Sorry, that was just a bad dream. Let's try that again.
  8. In my (humble) experience...
  9. We train people how to treat us. Don't accept less than you deserve.
  10. We earn respect by showing respect.
  11. The best leaders know when to LISTEN.
  12. Admit when you're wrong.
    Gracefully. It's a skill.
  13. No whining, please.
  14. If you work in an office setting, dress the part!
  15. Exude confidence, and people will believe almost anything you say! 😄
    Related: don't underestimate yourself. You're amazing.
  16. Re: confidence, if it ain't real today, fake it til you make it.
    A smile and good posture go a long way. Imposter syndrome is real. For me it comes in waves. Your boss might be feeling it right now.
  17. Live authentically!
    🐝 yourself, baby! The rest will fall into place. I wish I'd realized this sooner.