Get me through this never ending day so I can go home and help my bf get the house ready for his parents and grandma, who arrive tomorrow!
  1. Thank goodness I brought some healthy snack today because today is a "bored-hungry" kinda day. Almonds and clementines FTW.
  2. Have you read any good books or seen any good movies lately?
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse
  3. @lexie_elyse I am currently reading Jodi Picoult's new book Small Great Things, and Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (the art of tidying)
    I highly recommend both!!! I saw the Dr Strange movie recently and it was pretty good. I'm more excited for the next Guardians movie to come out though.
  4. What cause are you most passionate about?
    Suggested by @kate81
  5. @kate81 good question! While I've certainly been fired up in recent weeks about ALL the women's empowerment issues, (reproductive rights!) I'd say my champion cause is children's mental health and wellbeing. It's tragic to me when kids are mislabeled with behavior problems when really they are struggling with things like depression or trauma.
    Kids brains can be sick, just like adult brains! One of the understated aspects of my job, which I love, is educating teachers and parents as much as possible about what their kids are going through, and how they can help. A little education for the grownups responsible for these kids goes a LONG LONG way. 💗💗