Factors include actual lip nourishment, color/scent, and subjective opinions.
  1. Someone else's lip balm
    Unless it's someone you're already mashing faces with, GTFO with that shit. In high school, maybe. Ugh.
  2. Chapstick brand
    Get outta here, waxy chemicals. Scram
  3. Lip Smackers!
    F for actual lip nourishment, A+ for nostalgia, and glitter on your mouth
  4. Burts Bees (original)
    I was addicted to this for EVER. I started to feel like I was relying on it. Love that hot tingle though!
  5. Khiels lip balm
    No frills. Pro: This will sooooooothe those chapped lips SO good. Con: I ran out and there isn't a Khiels store nearby.
  6. Homemade peppermint lip balm from my cousin
    Nothing beats this when my lips are truly hurting, and I love knowing for sure that the ingredients are all natural.
  7. Burts Bees (tinted)
    You're giving up a tad of the nourish factor, but the colors are perfect and subtle, and the coverage is not greasy or sticky. A more natural look than lipstick, for sure.
  8. Smith's Rosebud salve
    Feels like khiels but smells amazing 🌹🌹 and has a barely there peach/pink hue that matches your rosy cheeks :) comes in a tube if you prefer. Also comes in many flavors but I'm sticking with rose.
  9. Plot twist! Drinking enough water
    10 out of 10 solves the problem of chapped lips. Now you can focus on finding the perfect tint/gloss/flavor, or go au naturale.